Drinking across the blogosphere

I’ve just updated the links sidebar to include a few cocktail blogs I’ve recently come across. Be sure to check them out.

Days That End in “Y” is a mighty blog of booze news, updated with alarming regularity.

Boston Cocktails covers…well, Boston cocktails. It’s good to see what’s going on in other cities.

While it’s been on the list for a while, DC Drinks is worth mentioning for those who have not yet had the pleasure–two guys in DC, exploring the world of drinking.

Kaiser Penguin is a brand-new and mighty-fine drink blog from Pennsylvania, run by Rick, a frequent guest in these parts.

And, in case you somehow managed to miss it, Eric Asimov at The New York Times has started a blog that promises to cover the enjoyment to be found in drinking (as opposed to tasting) wine, beer and spirits (though the links and overview appear to be about 95% wine-related so far). Let’s see how often spirits and cocktails make it into the picture: The Pour.

Check ’em out, and keep spreading the good word…..

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