A little more link love

…And they keep coming!

It appears that booze blogs are now breeding like rabbits — after posting info about the 15 newish (or old, but new to me) blogs a few weeks ago, I’ve come across / been reminded of /noticed a major change in another round of sites.

Here are a few more worth checking out:

Dave’s Drinks – Dave Curry, a charter poster for Mixology Monday who jumped into the fray again with the latest round, recently launched his own cocktail blog, replete with recipes and ratings for an array of drinks. Dave is very detailed and methodical in his coverage; I’m curious to see what his further explorations with rum and cachaca turn up.

Intoxicated Zodiac – well, why hasn’t there been a site like this before? Gwen manages to mix coverage of cocktail recipes and drink trends with the alignment of the heavens. One of the most unique concepts I’ve come across in a while.

Bar Stories – “I was a bartender. These are my stories.” says San Francisco-based Jessie Jane. Thoughtful, well-written posts on drink trends, bar life and alcohol-related current affairs. Refreshingly thought-provoking.

A Grandiose Blog – call it good timing, but I was just alerted to the existence of this online magazine today. Still very new, and cocktails are only part of their coverage, but the drinks they have so far are well-chosen and in good taste. Worth keeping an eye on in the months to come.

Off the Presses – wine and cocktails as approached by New York-based journalist Robert Simonson. Anybody who gets a sudden craving for a Monkey Gland is okay in my book.

And, a trio of sites from our friends in Germany: Bitters Blog and its related Library and Traveling Mixologists sites cover the incredibly dynamic cocktail scene that is now going on in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin. At least I think they do — my German has gotten pretty rusty since college, but I can tell that Joerg Meyer and Stephan Berg (the guys behind, and on the label of, The Bitter Truth bitters, one of the tastiest products to come out in years) and their colleagues are truly dedicated to their craft, and these sites reflect their passion for their profession. Even if you don’t speak German (some of the posts are in English, though), it’s worth the time to browse through these sites to take a look at the contemporary photos and the images of vintage books and cocktail guides. And the Library? I suspect if you’ve ever been in a bare-knuckle brawl on eBay over a pre-Prohibition cocktail manual, only to come out on the losing end after a final charge by a deep-pocketed buyer in Germany, you may eventually see the prize turn up here.

EDITED TO ADD — She’s been blogging for a while though it took me until recently to clue into it, but Natalie at The Liquid Muse has a rapidly growing site replete with recipes, reviews and, soon to come, video. A mainstay of the online cocktail world.

Okay — now, is that really everyone?

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  1. Well… I don’t think you’ve mentioned The Liquid Muse in either of your postings… but I did include you in my round up of Where the Boys Are, today on TLM. I was coming on to your site to look for a photo and saw your cocktail blog round up. What can I say – great minds thinks alike! 🙂

  2. Howdy! And thanks for the love—right back at ya.

    And no, that’s not all. I have such a hard time keeping up with all the lovely booze blogs, old and new alike.


  3. Hey Paul! I wanted to let you know that I recently put together a website for cocktail lovers. The idea is “put in the bottles you have in your bar, and find out the cocktails you can mix”. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! Any feedback you may have would be super-useful – I’d love to make the site super-useful for the community.

    The site is http://www.cocktailbuilder.com


  4. We´ll put up an english weblog at the end of summer, which will give you more insight into the German bartending scene. The American cocktail blogs and their blog events like Mixology Monday are a great inspiration! Thanks for that!

    Another project coming up: a “barbaublog”, a blog dedicated to Joerg Meyers new bar “Le Lion – Bar de Paris”, that is being built in Hamburg right now. We´ll monitor the progress and the tasks and difficulties involved over the next couple of months.



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