Add another “O” and you’ve got “Saloon”

Otherwise known as the “Helloooooo, people of Salon!” post.

Back during Tales of the Cocktail (yes, I’m still going on about it), I sat down for lunch one afternoon with Robert Simonson, a fellow pixel-stained wretch who runs the lovely Off the Presses blog. Robert also earns his lunch money by writing, and today the transcript of our conversation over gumbo and Abita amber appears in a story he wrote for

Here’s Robert’s article; it’s in the premium section, but you may be able to read it for free (I don’t really know how these things work over there):

It’s Always Cocktail Hour Somewhere.

If you read the story first and followed the links in this direction, then WELCOME! Make yourself at home, and be sure to stop back soon.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to mix up a celebratory cocktail. Thanks for the kind words, Robert.

(And, if you like what you see here, be sure to check out a few of my friends — you’ve already met Darcy, Rick and Chuck from over at Salon, but there’s also Jeffrey Morgenthaler, A Dash of Bitters, The Thirstin’ Howl, Drink Boston, Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour, Explore the Pour and a slew of other drink bloggers too numerous and talented to mention, but absolutely worth a visit — the links for many of whom can be found to your right, or by exploring these pages. And again, welcome.)

8 Responses to Add another “O” and you’ve got “Saloon”

  1. hey there,
    i just surfed in from to look at the contents of your liquor cabinet and i noticed you have peychaud’s bitters. might you share with me where you got them? i’ve looked and looked and have not found 🙁

    also, i wanted to share something, based on your liquor cabinet: gran centenario añejo tequila. make a paloma with it sometime. *swoon*

  2. Paul, I have no talent but I like to mix up crazy drinks on sunny days at our cottage in Colchester, Ontario. I have found a wonderful mixer, that I think is hard to come by – Stappj! (red bitters) T
    Thanks to an Italian/Fresh Market called Fred’s (right near the Bridge), it’s easy for me to find.

    Maybe you can come up with something worthy of this lovely Italian mixer. I use it with Gin, a whole meyer lime, soda water. Mmmmmmm

  3. Niiiiice work, Paul. My God, you’re quite the celebrity these days, aren’t you?

    Well, I for one am grateful that you haven’t forgotten the little people. Cheers to you, good sir!

  4. Cheers to you. I am delighted that Salon has brought you to wider attention — or at least, to my attention. Here in the Pittsburgh area we enjoy our cocktails, but looking at your site I see we have much, much to learn.

    To Julie Sexson: I ordered Peychaud bitters from Buffalo Trace ( and was pleased with the service.

  5. Great work, Paul! And Robert, for that matter. I hope things brings a new set of eyes and audience to exploring all things cocktail and quality.

    Also, thanks for the tip on the book in the interview, it’s on its way already.

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