MxMo makes Food & Wine blog

Mixology MondayThis was originally going to be the “remember that Monday, August 13 is the next Mixology Monday, focusing on Orange” post. Then, we got a little assistance from the folks over at Food & Wine.

The entry in the magazine’s “Mouthing Off” blog gives some generous linkage to folks such as Camper, Jeffrey, Michael and myself (well, when the links are fixed, they will hurray, the links are fixed!), and mentions that Gwen is the host of next week’s edition. Good quotes, too, from Lauren at DrinkBoston.

This may be the blog equivalent of having your party invitations Xeroxed and wheatpasted onto lampposts around town. Now I’m really looking forward to Monday. To participate, check out Gwen’s announcement post.

6 Responses to MxMo makes Food & Wine blog

  1. Wow. That’s just…


  2. Cool! And they even mention the Spirits and Cocktails forum!


  3. We’re so cool.

    Hey, does anyone have an idea I can rip off for Monday? I’m stumped.

  4. Morty- It’s all about the Blood and Sand.

  5. F & W, huh. Playin’ with the big boys. Way to go, fellas! :-)

  6. [...] in to the fact that I’m not the only person on the web who writes about cocktails. There are many, many others with tons more experience, more recipes in their libraries and in their heads, and many more [...]

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