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Oh, That Oil

I think I’ve discovered where the “oil” in my new friend, the Corn ‘n Oil, comes from. This one comes from Murray Stenson, the aforementioned bartender extraordinaire from Zig Zag Cafe. In response to my falernum experiment, Murray suggested mixing a drink using Cruzan Blackstrap Rum, falernum, and the juice from a couple of lime… Continue Reading

Falernum Face-Off

A couple of weeks back, after I documented my experiment with making my own falernum, a very kind visitor to this site who happens to also live in Seattle contacted me by e-mail and offered me the remainder of a bottle of Velvet Falernum, so I could compare the commercial product to my home-made variety.… Continue Reading

No Corn. No Oil.

More fun with falernum. To give the sweetener a test-run in as near-pure a situation as possible, one of my first drinks is the Corn ‘n Oil–recipe kindly provided by Slakethirst. Corn ‘n Oil 1 ounce rum 1 ounce falernum 1 dash angostura bitters Stir with ice & strain into old-fashioned glass filled with crushed… Continue Reading

Rum Swizzle

The first drink I made with my new batch of falernum. I was looking for something that would make me hear steel drum music every time I took a sip. Didn’t quite get there, but it’s a nice drink nonetheless. Rum Swizzle Build in a highball glass: 2 ounces white rum juice 1/2 lime 1/2… Continue Reading

Falernum Follies

Right off the bat, a disclaimer: I have never been to the Caribbean. The closest I’ve come is a quick overnight in Key West, so quick in fact that I didn’t even have a chance to hit a single bar. With this in mind, perhaps it’s forgivable that I’ve never tasted falernum. But, inspired by… Continue Reading