Reminder: Mixology Monday II

Mixology MondayJust in case anybody forgot to mark their calendar, this Monday, May 8, is the second Mixology Monday. The May event is being hosted by Darcy at The Art of Drink, and Darcy has selected the theme to be “Coffee” — drinks made with it; drinks made with coffee liqueur; virtually any kind of coffee connection you can make with spirits and cocktails is welcome.

Participating is easy. If you’ve got a blog, just post your coffee-related post by the end of Monday, send a note to Darcy at (don’t forget to put up a link to his blog, so readers can tune in for the full event), and sit back with your coffee cocktail. Darcy will post a wrapup of the event on Tuesday or thereabouts, and we can all then check out each other’s posts and sample each other’s recipes.

(Oh, and if you don’t have a blog? I suppose there are a couple of people out there who haven’t jumped on this particular bandwagon yet — no problem; just type up your entry and e-mail it to Darcy, and it will be factored in with the rest for the wrapup. C’mon, you know who you are — you know drinks; hell, you even know coffee drinks; chime in and let us know what you’ve got.)

Last month, for the first Mixology Monday, we had some great posts from the U.S., Canada and Spain on the topic of pastis. It’d be great to see that same turnout, or even better, for the May event. So start thinking about coffee (and booze, of course), put together your two cents and put it up by this Monday.

MMIII will be hosted on June 5 by Rick at Kaiser Penguin; the topic is forthcoming.

Want to host an upcoming Mixology Monday? Fill me in.

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  1. I guess I best be deciding what my topic will be. After giving it much thought, I decided it must be something related to summer’s approach. But everything I came up with was too narrow or may exclude some who don’t have access to odd ingredients nor the drive to buy them.

    This led me in a whole different direction, and I have decided on the following ingredient: mint.

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