Falernum Followup

Last summer, I embarked on a somewhat lengthy adventure with the Barbados liqueur-slash-sweetener, falernum. Feeling my way through the flavor, playing with different recipes (some posted, some — the best ones — not), trying different drinks in order to figure out what was the best or “true” falernum flavor — the whole deal.

I should have just waited.

Today, over at Martini Republic, the good Dr. Cocktail tackles the various falernum questions and puts them to rest — where did it come from? which is better, John. D. Taylor Velvet Falernum or Fee’s West Indies Style Falernum? what the hell is the difference? which should I use? (Doc’s answer, of course: “it depends”)

I still maintain that the last batch I whipped up was fresher (if not more authentic) in flavor than either commercial brand I’ve tried, but I yield to Dr. Cocktail’s mighty, mighty research powers in explaining exactly what you should put in your drink.

4 Responses to Falernum Followup

  1. Is it possible to get your more successful recipe? Or have you posted it already, and I missed it?


  2. Luke,

    Of course — I plan on posting the revised recipe very soon. I wanted to make up one more batch using the recipe, just to verify my results (since this version includes fresh lime juice, it has a more limited shelf life), prior to posting. I plan on doing this within the next week, so look forward to the recipe coming … um, pretty soon.

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