Mixology Monday VII & beyond

Back from vacation — tanned, rested and as ready as I’ll ever be. While I was gone the comments and e-mails came pouring in — thanks for your interest, everyone, I’ll eventually get everything answered — and apparently the spammers pushed their way through a hole in the Akismet dike last weekend and soaked my comments section. I think I’ve got the mess mopped up now, but apologies to those who subscribe to my comments feed and received numerous identical messages about how my site is “very cognitive.”

It’s still late-season vacation time, but for anyone who’s not at the beach right now, remember to mark your calendars for the upcoming Mixology Mondays:

MxMoVII* MxMo VII will take place Monday, September 18. I’m hosting this round, and I propose the topic for this last MxMo of the season be Goodbye, Summer — it’s wide open, just post whatever drink you’ve been enjoying this summer and bid it a fond farewell as we head into the apple cider and hot toddy season. Be sure to either comment to this post or e-mail me and let me know your contribution is up.

* MxMo VIII is scheduled for Monday, October 16, and will be hosted by Meeta over at What’s For Lunch Honey? Topic for this event is Exotic Drinks — from the Bahama Mamas you order while on vacation to the ongoing exploration of Grog Log, this event is for the colorful, the relaxing, the vibrant..

Interested in hosting MxMo IX in November? Let me know–

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  1. Excellent! Let’s see how things shake out for the next couple of months, but now we should be set until Christmas. As I finalize things with Meeta, we’ll plot out the next moves.

  2. MxMo VII: The Hurricane Gordon…

    What a difference when I manage to get my photographer and natural-born food stylist husband to contribute, no? After my last hurricane-based concoction, I decided that the cocktail would benefit from some grenadine, both to red it up a bit…

  3. Andrew–not sure if my e-mails are getting through, but in the off-chance you’re checking the comments, I have you in the lineup to host MxMo X in December–still interested?

  4. Great site! This is an outstanding site for a number of reasons, but the tag line “Being an Exotic…” taken from The Gentleman’s Companion really hit home. Nice!

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