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Apologies for the long absence, but it’s been another stretch of time when I’ve been too busy to breathe (part of my workload, though, has been booze-related, which I’ll be able to discuss more fully in January). But before I go back under, I need to remind/alert everyone of three upcoming dates:

  • Next Monday, October 16, is Mixology Monday #8. Meeta over at What’s For Lunch, Honey? is hosting this round, and she’s chosen Exotic Drinks for her theme. This is perfect — the theme covers a wide range, everything from the funky, fruity drinks you had on vacation to your latest experiments in tikidom. I know several folks have discussed doing something along these lines, so here’s your chance — get your post up by the 16th, and let Meeta know about it.
  • Mixology Monday #9 shifts gears on November 13, when the good Michael Dietsch over at A Dash of Bitters hosts the event with his chosen theme — you got it: Bitters. This, too, has a lot of promise — whether you’re a cocktail geek making your own stab at an Abbots revival, or if you’re a Campari or Amer fiend ready to thump the tub for your favorite amaro, this event should not be missed.
  • On another Monday, this time October 23, I will be hosting the virtual book tour for the release of What to Drink with What You Eat, a fantastic new book by Andrew Dornenberg and Karen Page. As the name implies, this book explores how to match food and drink, but it’s far beyond the typical food-and-wine pairing guides that seem to be everywhere. I had the good fortune to see Andrew and Karen at Tales of the Cocktail, and to experience first-hand pairings of cocktails and food, so I can attest they’ve done their homework. I’ve already received my copy of the book, and I’m really excited by the potential I see. Want more details? Stop by on October 23, or subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss out.

And finally, a request — do you like the Mixology Mondays? Have you participated before, or just enjoyed reading about them as they come along? Regardless, the best way you can make these events successful is by passing the word along. Food & cocktail bloggers, feel free to grab the logo image and post the announcement on your site; everyone else, be sure to tune in. Last month was our most successful Mixology Monday yet, and to keep the momentum we need more folks alerting their readers of upcoming events.

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  1. I should point out that if you would like MM to be listed on Is My Blog Burning I’m the man to email with the details… I’ll forget if you dont email me 😉

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