Get Serious

Paul’s scheme for world domination, cocktail-blog style:

  1. Start a booze blog
  2. Remember to update it somewhat regularly
  3. Begin spreading the cocktail geek philosophy on other blogs

Check, check, and … CHECK!

While pausing to catch my breath from preparing presentations and mixing up jereboams of falernum for Tales of the Cocktail, I thought I might indulge in another round of self-promotion and point out that this week marks my debut as spirits & cocktails contributor to Serious Eats, one of the livelier food blogs to grace this thing we call the Internet.

Check out my first post from Wednesday, linking Richard Nixon to Beachbum Berry now and for all of eternity –c’mon, you knew there had to be a connection somewhere — and be sure to stop back by on Friday for a drink recipe to get the weekend started.

I’ll keep up the nonsensical folderol over here, as well, but be sure to put Serious Eats in your favorite RSS reader, and check in each Wednesday and Friday to read my broadsides on the world of spirits and cocktails.

4 Responses to Get Serious

  1. Nice drink picture on Serious Eats! How is it that you picture taking abilities increased 30-fold as soon as you started writing for another blog? 😉

  2. I was about to comment on the same thing. Well done, Paul. I look forward to seeing more enticing photos on Cocktail Chronicles!

  3. I’d like to say it was something special I did, but actually it was just dumb luck. That, and some natural light helped–though I did get a new camera for my birthday, so there’s renewed interest to give Rick a run for his money.

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