MxMo XVII: Bring on the Blog Love

I’ve said it before, but the point bears restating: damn, there are a lot of drink blogs now. Twice in the past month or so I’ve had to do a survey and compile the folks I found, simply so I wouldn’t lose track of them all, and there are more than 50 drink-related blogs and other sites in my Bloglines reader (and that doesn’t even include the new ones I haven’t got around to adding yet).

The good thing I’ve noticed about drink blogs, and spirits and cocktail-related sites in particular, is they tend to be run by a damn nice bunch of folks (and I’m not saying that to be patronizing — I’ve had almost nothing but positive experiences when dealing with my fellow bloggers de booze).

Mixology Monday: Blog LoveSo what to do with such an agreeable lot of tipplers? How about dedicating the next round of Mixology Monday to each other. I propose that on Monday, July 16, I’ll host MxMo XVII with the theme: Blog Love. What the hell does this mean, I hear you ask? Actually, it’s quite simple: to participate, simply pick and prepare a drink — an original or a classic, whatever you prefer — that you’ve read about on another person’s blog, and write a post about it, giving a shoutout to the blog where you found it. Should you wish to highlight a couple of favorite drink blogs you visit and tell us why you do, that’d be even better.

I propose this for a couple of reasons: first, over the past 15 months a regular and growing group of bloggers have come together to participate in events such as Mixology Monday, and after learning about so many new blogs this way, I think it’d be great to extend some recognition to some of the great folks in the food-and-drink blogging community.

My second reason involves some ulterior motives: five days after this Mixology Monday, at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, I’ll be moderating a panel that includes Rick from Kaiser Penguin, Darcy from The Art of Drink and Chuck from The Gumbo Pages for a presentation called “Cocktails and the Blogosphere.” Now, each of the panelists knows why we started blogging and why we find it such a fun and interesting thing to do, but I’d like to hear from more folks who are members of the growing online cocktail community. Why’d you start crossing your cocktail shaker with your keyboard? What prompted you to take the inherently social act of mixing drinks and go all Web 2.0 with it? Who are all you people, anyway?

If you can factor a little navel-gazing about you and your blog into your MxMo post, I think it’d be really enlightening. What’s more, I’ll cull some of the more interesting bits from participating posts, and I’ll introduce them at Tales of the Cocktail for our group of attendees (a group that includes, at last count, at least two members of this cocktail blogosphere thing I keep going on about — and Camper is even threatening to live-blog the event).

So, if you’ve been thrilling to Richmond Gimlets or knocking back Bourbon Lancers or Green Ghosts ever since you read about them online, let’s hear about it. Just get your post up by the close of Monday, July 16, toss a note in the comment section of this post, and tune in to see the roundup.

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  1. How about for those of us terminal procrastinators on eGullet who cop-out and post there instead of having our own blog? How can we participate? 🙂

  2. By posting there instead of having your own blog.

    While not a blog, eGullet has played a significant role in recent Mixology Mondays, and I don’t want to leave you guys out. The “tell me why you’re blogging” bit you might want to sidestep, but if you’d like to give it up for a blog you like to read by making one of the drinks you read about there and writing about it on eGullet, then by all means, share the love.

    (and it’s not as though I haven’t posted my share of drinks that I’ve discovered from eGullet. Perhaps for this MxMo round, we should consider eGullet an honorary member of the cocktail blogosphere)

  3. As a newcomer to the cocktail blogging world, I agree that fellow bloggers are an incredibly friendly bunch of people. Great idea for MxMo, I look forward to taking part.

  4. I second Jay’s sentiment; great idea and I really look forward to taking part. Now to pick a drink to feature…always the hard part.

  5. yeah ; there are a lot of drink blogs now worldwide – we have at the moment the same blog-thread 🙂

    my own one:

    blog´s are very important info-pages for the bar(tenders)-world

    greatings from germany

  6. I’ll be at Tales. And, I’ll be blogging the whole time. I’ve been doing this for well over a year, and my freelance journalism career is pretty much shaped by my cocktail blog, The Liquid Muse.

    I look forward to doing Mixology Mondays, and I can’t wait to meet fellow bloggers at Tales of the Cocktail!

  7. Great idea. The problem with mixology monday for me is that I am not much of a mixologist. But I can copy! Hope you will participate with us in the Drink.Blog.Talk 2007 thing in September. Your invite should be in your inbox.

  8. I try not to get too graphic around here — it’s a family joint.

    Actually, Darcy is the logo-master for MxMo — I’ll drop him a line and see if he’s come up with something.

  9. I’ve been a long-time lurker of MxMo posts, and finally felt that I had no excuse not to participate. I don’t post much mixology, sticking almost exclusively to rums, but think about how many drinks you make with rum…

    I’m in!

  10. Salut!
    I’m newly come to this particular locale thanks to Chris Bunting!
    Will take some time to read you all (Holy Macaroni!)
    Yes there are loads of drink bloggers, even her in Japan who share teir love of sake and good slow-food!
    As far as mixoligism is concerned, I shall dedicate a good sake from Shizuoka prefecture to you all on Monday 16th (blimey, I will have to umpire a criket game on the 15th, which means it will turn into a non-stop binge!)
    Coming back soon!
    Until then, Sante a tous!

  11. […] of the bigger blogs hosts a post that lends links to each blogger who participates. This week is Bring on the Blog Love, hosted at Cocktail Chronicles. You can read all about what we are trying at the link above, or by […]

  12. Sorry, this is a day late! I’m vacationing at a Cape Cod house with no wifi! Anyway, I wrote about a recipe for Martha Washington Rum Punch that I found on the Boston-LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) blog and that I had (but didn’t mix myself) at a 4th of July party: I highly recommend it. See everyone at Tales — I’ll be at Cocktails and the Blogosphere! Lauren

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