Mixology Monday

Following up on my last post, I’ve thought for a while that it’d be great to have a regular event in the fine cocktails and mixology community that would provide a way for readers and participants to explore some really great drinks and have a good time. Drawing on the examples established by the food blog community, with events such as Is My Blog Burning? and Wine Blogging Wednesday, I propose the start of Mixology Monday.

As with these other events, the goal for Mixology Monday is simple: Bloggers and other participants focus on a predetermined theme for each scheduled event, then blog about that theme by a certain date (being sure to notify the event host of their relevant post). Following that date, the host compiles a link-rich roundup of the event, and posts it on his or her blog. Couldn’t be easier.

Mixology Monday IThe first round of Mixology Monday will be held Monday, April 24. I have offered to host this inaugural event and–following notes of interest from Rick at Kaiser Penguin and Darcy at The Art of Drink–the first event will be themed Pastis. Mix with it, drink it straight with a little ice water, or use it to soak your contact lenses, let’s hear what you’re doing with this intricate liqueur (or, if you can’t stand that whole anise-thing, let’s hear about that too–be assured you’re not alone).

Mull it over, sip a little Ricard to get your juices flowing, and put up your post by midnight on April 24 (be sure to e-mail me at paul@cocktailchronicles.com that you’ve done it so I don’t leave anybody out. No blog? No problem–just e-mail me the whole thing and I’ll stick it with the rest). I’ll pull together a roundup within a day or two after the event closes.

Who’s with me? Chime in and spread the word. Let’s see how many Herbsaint-addled posts we can throw at Technorati in one day.

[also contributing to the fun, Mike over at Days that end in Y has established a page at Blog Carnival for a weekly blog event that spans the drink spectrum. Check it out.]

UPDATE: Thanks to Darcy at The Art of Drink for designing the spiffy logo.

UPDATE II: I’ll keep updating this post as new MxMo events are scheduled and posted, so using the permalink for this post should keep you clued in as to the current state of MxMo events.

MxMoI – April 24, 2006
Host: The Cocktail Chronicles
Topic: Pastis
Roundup Permalink: Mixology Monday I: Pastis

MxMoII – May 8, 2006
Host: The Art of Drink
Topic: Coffee
Roundup Permalink: Mixology Monday II Roundup

MxMoIII – June 5, 2006
Host: Kaiser Penguin
Topic: Mint
Roundup Permalink: MX Monday III Roundup

MxMoIV – June 26, 2006
Host: Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour
Topic: Aperitif
Roundup Permalink: Mixology Monday IV Roundup

MxMoV – July 17, 2006
Host: Jiggle the Handle
Topic: Lemon
Roundup Permalink: Mixology Monday V Roundup

MxMoVI – August 7, 2006
Host: Saving the World, One Drink at a Time
Topic: Grape-based drinks
Roundup Permalink: Mixology Monday VI Roundup

MxMoVII – September 18, 2006
Host: The Cocktail Chronicles
Topic: Farewell to Summer
Roundup Permalink: See-ya-later Summer Roundup

MxMoVIII – October 16, 2006
Host: What’s For Lunch Honey?
Topic: Exotic Drinks
Roundup Permalink: The Roundup

MxMoIX – November 13, 2006
Host: A Dash of Bitters
Topic: Bitters
Roundup Permalink: Bitters Roundup

MxMoX – December 11, 2006
Host: The Spirit World
Topic: Drinks for a Festive Occasion
Roundup Permalink: Drinks for a Festive Occasion Roundup

MxMoXI – January 15, 2007
Host: Imbibe Unfiltered
Topic: Winter Warmers
Roundup Permalink: Winter Warmers Roundup

MxMoXII – February 12, 2007
Host: Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour
Topic: Whisk(e)y
Roundup Permalink: MxMo XII Wrapup

MxMoXIII – March 12, 2007
Host: Saving the World, One Drink at a Time
Topic: Shooters
Roundup Permalink: Shooters Roundup

MxMoXIV – April 16, 2007
Host: Married…With Dinner
Topic: Champagne Cocktails
Roundup Permalink: A Toast to MxMo

MxMoXV – May 14, 2007
Host: My Bar, Your Bar
Topic: Tequila
Roundup Permalink: Tequila Monday

MxMoXVI – June 18, 2007
Host: Morsels & Musings
Topic: Creme de la Creme
Roundup Permalink: Creme de la Creme Roundup

MxMoXVII – July 16, 2007
Host: The Cocktail Chronicles
Topic: Blog Love
Roundup Permalink: The Mushiest MxMo Ever

MxMoXVIII – August 13, 2007
Host: Intoxicated Zodiac
Topic: Orange
Roundup Permalink: Orange roundup

MxMoXIX – September 17, 2007
Host: Cocktail Nerd
Topic: Fizz
Roundup Permalink: MxMo XIX: Fizz

MxMoXX – October 15, 2007
Host: The Liquid Muse
Topic: Pairings
Roundup Permalink: A Little Sustenance with the Sauce

MxMoXXI – November 12, 2007
Host: Oh, Gosh
Topic: Gin
Roundup Permalink: Gin Round-Up

MxMoXXII – December 3, 2007
Host: Jeffrey Morgenthaler
Topic: Repeal Day
Roundup Permalink: Prohibition

MxMoXXIII – January 14, 2008
Topic: Brandy
Roundup Permalink: Brandy

MxMoXXIV – February 11, 2008
Host: Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour
Topic: Variations
Roundup Permalink: Variations Wrap-up

MxMoXXV – March 17, 2008
Host: Kaiser Penguin
Topic: Limit: One
Roundup Permalink: Limit: One Roundup, Chapters 1, 2 and 3

MxMoXXVI – April 14, 2008
Host: Morsels & Musings
Topic: Fruit Liqueurs
Roundup Permalink: TK

MxMoXXVII – May 12, 2008
Host: Trader Tiki
Topic: Rum
Roundup Permalink: TK

MxMoXXVIII – June, 2008
Host: Scofflaw’s Den
Topic: Bourbon
Roundup Permalink: TK

UPDATE June 2008 – This schedule is now being updated at mixologymonday.com. Head over there for archives and details on upcoming events.

33 Responses to Mixology Monday

  1. I must say I am pleased how quickly this took off Paul – good work (Darcy and Mike too).

    I’m greatly looking forward to a pastis post – I know just the source for strange and interesting drinks including pastis.

  2. We have the next two Mondays lined up (Darcy’s hosting on May 1 and Rick on May 8th). I was actually hoping to do it a bit less frequently than weekly, so that:

    a) we won’t burn out on it too quickly, and

    b) less frequent posters such as myself won’t find the MM posts accounting for a quarter to half of all posts.

    The food & wine events I mentioned are held monthly; I wonder if it might be worthwhile to consider that type of frequency.


  3. I’m with you on monthly, for same reasons. And I think it’ll give me a chance to better participate in Mike’s general drink carnival. I’ll go along with the next couple weekly, but maybe we can persuade Darcy and Rick to change it to at least 5/1 and 5/15?

  4. […] Paul of Cocktail Chronicles surveys the growth of cocktail blogging and proposes a blog carnival, i.e. a day of posts devoted to a given topic. So he’s instituted Mixology Monday, the first one which will take place on April 24, on the topic of pastis, anise liqueur. As Darcy of TAoD explains, “Mixology Monday”… is based on other weblog community projects like “Is My Blog Burning?” and “Wine Blogging Wednesday”. The basic idea is that anyone interested can write an article on the selected topic (this week it’s Pastis, i.e. anise flavour) and publish it to their blog. You don’t even need to have a cocktail related weblog, nor does the topic need to be about drinking the selected product. It can be about your bad experiences in college, your good experiences while travelling through France, or how you used it in a pudding recipe. After you’ve published your article, you email the topic host and they will publish a list of participants on their blog. Make sure you put a link in your post to the hosting weblog so people can jump in on any discussion. […]

  5. I’d be perfectly happy to make this a monthly or bi-monthly event. I hear you Paul… it would easily be 1/3 or 1/2 of my weekly posts if I were to participate every week.

  6. Looks good! I’m happy that you’re doing something specifically for cocktails & mixology. While I doubt I can write something about Pastis, I look forward to participating directly in the future!

  7. Rick – do you want to change your host date to 5/15 or 5/22 instead of 5/8, so we can start spacing it out to once every 3 or 4 weeks? Your call…

  8. 5/15 would be great. I’ll be at the lusty beach participating in the Tournament of Names on the 22nd, and therefore will be largely indisposed.

  9. I’ll have to postpone mine to the 29th, as I’ll be away the weekend of the 22nd.

    Bi-monthly sounds good, though.

  10. […] And so to the inaugural Mixology Monday. Paul was generously broad in his requirements, but where’s the joy in submitting a drink like the Tuxedo, in which the dash of pastis vanishes under the weight of maraschino and Regans’ bitters? No, in this I would be guided by the precepts of Chairman Kaga, who demands of his iron chefs that they capture the very essence of the mystery ingredient. In this, I would challenge the advice of the inestimable Harry Craddock. In this, I would embrace pastis, in a ratio not heretofore attempted. I would mix The Bunny Hug: […]

  11. Sol y Sombra…

    I saw the Mixology Monday initiative on The Cocktail Chronicles a while back, thought briefly about writing something, and then promptly forgot about it until today, when a bunch of entries have begun popping up in Bloglines. So here’s my effor…

  12. […] As you may be aware, community events are pretty common in the online/blogging world.  Several months ago Paul of Cocktail Chronicles started an event around cocktails that he calls Mixology Monday.  Each month a new theme is announced, bloggers from around the world create a drink based on the theme and then post about them on a specified Monday.  […]

  13. […] I am sure that gin and milk would taste fine on the rocks, and the drink probably was often drunk that way. However, I doubt Hardman Pool’s gin and milk included ice. The Bones of Kahekili is set on a Hawaiian cattle ranch in the year 1880, a place and time when ice may not necessarily have been available. I am guessing that Hardman Pool’s gin and milk was simply mixed at room temperature. Here in Shanghai though it is freezing right now, and moreover this month’s Mixology Monday is looking at winter warmers, so warm gin and milk seems just the thing. Back when gin and milk was popular I expect it was sometimes served warm. Before the introduction of electric refrigeration it would have been much easier to warm drinks in winter than to cool them in summer. […]

  14. So, after another successful MxMo, the burning question is where is the next MxMo and what is it about?

    (Ok, so that’s two questions!)

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