Just when you thought it was time to dry out

Following the Bacchanalian madness that was Tales of the Cocktail 2007, you’d think we’d all have had it for a while with organized cocktail events. But that old steam train known as Mixology Monday keeps chuggin’ along, and we have FIVE — count ’em, FIVE — hosts lined up to participate. Old participant or newbie, here’s how you should plan your drinking for the rest of the year:

  • MxMo XVIII is scheduled to take place Monday, August 13. Host this round will be Gwen at Intoxicated Zodiac Blog, and Gwen’s theme is Orange (actually, the origins of the theme are somewhat more complicated than that, but for the sake of simplicity and for making Darcy’s life easier when he crams the theme’s name in that little box, we’ll call it “Orange” — the rest, I’ll let Gwen explain). Juice? Triple Sec? Curacao? I’m sure some wag will go for orange bitters (I’m lookin’ at you, Michael) — hell, if you can use an orange twist and make it interesting, then you’ve got no reason not to join in. Head over to Gwen’s for details, and I’ll see you there August 13.
  • MxMo XIX is scheduled for Monday, September 17. Host will be Gabriel at CocktailNerd. I’m awaiting confirmation on the theme, but knowing Gabriel’s site, it should be a good time. UPDATE: We’ve made contact, and Gabriel has picked: Fizz! Huzza! Champagne to cola, seltzer to ginger ale, if it bubbles it’s good at this last Mxmo of the (northern) summer.
  • MxMo XX takes place Monday, October 15, and will be hosted by the excellent Natalie at The Liquid Muse. Natalie’s theme will be — hold on, it’s a good one — Pairings. That’s right! The MxMo crowd will be crowding into the foodie’s territory when we take on food and drink combos. I would have been slightly freaked out by this only a few months ago, but the magic of Chris DeBarr at the Delachaise put my mind at rest, so I’m ready to do battle in the kitchen and come up with a little something that goes well with a little something. Don’t cook? Don’t worry! This doesn’t have to be highbrow — if you have a nice combo you like to trot out at home, please share.
  • MxMo XXI takes place Monday, November 12, and will be hosted by Jay at Oh, Gosh! Jay dismissed with the folderol and headed for the straight stuff: his theme will be Gin. And what’s not to like about that.
  • Which takes us to the end of the year with MxMo XXII, on Monday, December 3. Hosting this round will be Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and the theme is — you guessed it — Repeal Day. Last year, Jeffrey created a major ruckus with his call to celebrate the anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal in the United States, and this round expect something bigger. More details to come from Jeffrey, but be prepared — this should be a humdinger.

So pack some extra gauze around your liver — the rest of the year is gonna be a wild ride.

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  1. I batted around the idea of ‘Equinox’ (drinks having equal parts) but I didn’t want 20 Negronis thrown my way. Or wait a minute, perhaps I do…hmmmm.

  2. as a plan-happy cappie, i love having the rest of the year all laid
    out for me… see you at IntoxicatedZodiac for drinks!

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