Sign of the coming apocalypse #497

Margarita – with splash of mayo
Reuters News Agency
August 15, 2007

TOKYO — When Koji Nakamura mixes up a margarita cocktail, he adds a special ingredient – mayonnaise.

“Mayogarita,” a white drink with a hint of the creamy dressing, is one of several cocktails Mr. Nakamura serves in his Mayonnaise Kitchen restaurant in suburban Tokyo, which features mayonnaise with everything from toast to spaghetti to fondue.

Thanks to Stephen Beaumont, who posted this little number in the comments over at Kaiser Penguin, we now have confirmation that the chocolate martini wasn’t the worst of it. Still need convincing? How’s this:

Mr. Nakamura’s tiny restaurant, which has fewer than a dozen tables and is decorated with cutouts shaped like mayonnaise bottles, also offers a drink called the Mayoty Dog, which tastes like the vodka-based cocktail Salty Dog but is served in a glass with mayonnaise on its rim instead of salt.

Read the full story here. And may god have mercy on us all.

11 Responses to Sign of the coming apocalypse #497

  1. I want reports of people actually trying these healthy drinks!

    I wonder if I could actually take a good photo of a mayonnaise-rimmed glass …

  2. An unbelievable ingredients MxMo appears to be called for after reading this little number.

    Mayo, Bullion, Animal Stock, meat products, maybe an anchovy?

    If there’s something swimming in my drink, it better be edible.

  3. Ya know, I usually refrain from knocking something before I actually try it; but, that looks truly disgusting.

    The worst part is I can exactly imagine what it will taste like, and it has ruined my morning.

  4. That sounds so wrong….. I bet it tastes good.

    Well, somebody has to think its good because it sounds like the place has made more than one of them…..

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