One-week notice

Mixology Monday 19Just a reminder that we’re only one week away from the next Mixology Monday. This brings us to chapter 19 in the series, and hosting this round is Gabriel over at Cocktail Nerd. Help us usher out the summer with a tribute to Fizz! — whether you’re mixing with Coke, club soda or Champagne, if it bubbles, it works for MxMo XIX.

Gabriel has participation notes up on his site, but to recap: put up your post by the end of Monday, September 17, trackback to Gabriel’s announcement and, for good measure, send him an e-mail with your name and a hyperlink to your post.

See you there —

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  1. Cheers, everybody, and thanks again Paul for allowing me to host. I’m very excited to see what your creative minds can put out for all to enjoy.

    And rest assured, at least 3 or more of them will get tried and have a post committed to them by your humble host.

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