MxMo XXI just around the bend

Mixology MondayThe next Mixology Monday is less than a week away. This coming Monday, November 12, let’s all get together with Jay at Oh, Gosh!, the host for this round. Jay has chosen Gin as the theme, and really, what’s not to like about that.

If you haven’t joined in before — or if you have, and just want to refresh your memory — the process is quite simple: just post a drink, any drink, made with gin, then let Jay know (check his site for more information). Be sure to have your post up by the end of the day on Monday (wherever you are), and in the next few days Jay will put all the submissions together and post a wrap-up.

We’ve had a fantastic turnout for the past few events, and with such a user-friendly theme this month, there’s no reason not to join in. (And if you’re the type to start working on things early, remember that December’s Mixology Monday is going to be on December 3, over at Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s place, where he’s working on events for Repeal Day.)

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  1. Sloe gin and orange juice! That sure brings back a lot of High School memories. Wet and cold nights by the campfire up in the mountains in Michigan.

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