Next One’s a Biggie

Mixology Monday The last Mixology Monday had the biggest turnout yet, and next week Jeffrey Morgenthaler will inherit the momentum when he hosts the last event of 2007, with the theme Repeal Day.

For those of you outside the U.S., the idea goes a little something like this: In 1919, booze was banned in the United States. Cue the stock footage of bootleggers, still-smashing by revenuers, big casks of beer being split open with axes, Al Capone’s goons wielding Tommy guns in the streets of Chicago. By 1932 cooler heads had prevailed, sending Franklin Roosevelt to the White House with a promise to repeal the 18th amendment (which institutionalized Prohibition in the Constitution), and which, with the help of Congress, he did, on December 5, 1933. Cue scenes of jubilant crowds waving pitchers of frothy beer, and Roosevelt mixing the first legal martini in the country (so I’ve heard). During that 13 year stretch, bartenders in the U.S. either changed profession, headed overseas to work the vibrant bars in London, Paris, Havana or other cities, or went underground and plied their trade in less-than-legal establishments. Regardless of the law, people did not go thirsty.

Jeffrey has been working to make this a festive holiday — check out the Repeal Day site he’s put together — and as part of the celebration, he’s inviting all MxMo participants to “write about a pre-Prohibition-era cocktail, tell a Repeal Day story, create an original drink inspired by Prohibition, etc.” That “etc.” leaves a lot of leeway, so have at it — just have your post up by Monday, December 3, let Jeffrey know about it (a comment in his announcement post is probably a good idea), and tune in for the results in the next day or two. And because Jeffrey’s so intent on making the event a big deal, he’s even supersized the logo for the event:

Mixology Monday

See you there.

* And, if you’re here in Seattle, Jamie also has BIG plans for December 5 at Vessel — check out his site for details.

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