Food Blog AwardsJust a reminder: VOTE! The balloting for Well Fed Network’s 2007 Food Blog Awards ends TONIGHT, just before midnight Eastern time, and for the first time cocktail sites are making a strong showing in the “Drinks” category. Let’s take this award away from the wine folks for a year, and put it in the hands of a cocktail blogger.

And by “a cocktail blogger,” I mean me, of course – what, you didn’t think I was talking about Jeffrey, did you? The guy puts tomatoes in his daiquiris and makes “gin” in a Britac’mon! Though that Nacional is pretty tasty, and there’s that whole Repeal Day thing… And Anita and Cameron? Well, okay, they’re actually pretty cool, and their photos are much prettier than mine, but anyway… ah hell, just vote!

[While you’re voting, skip on over to the Group category, where my other blog home, Serious Eats, is nominated.]

To the ballot box!

6 Responses to Vote!

  1. I’m voting for you! Probably because of the whole “repeal day thing.” But if you read anything over on his site that says I’m voting for him, that’s just to make him feel ok.

  2. Congrats, dear Paul! Cocktail Chronicles and Jeffrey Morgenthaler… so hard to choose between two lovely and talented fellow cocktail lovers! And, you are both so very worthy. I send you many congrats – the recognition is well deserved. I also send you much good luck. 🙂


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