The People Have Spoken, Damn Them

Congratulations to Anita & Cameron over at Married…with Dinner, for taking the top slot in the Drinks category at the Well Fed Network’s 2007 Food Blog Awards. I couldn’t have been bested by a nicer couple — and, as I’d hoped, it does feel damn nice to have a “drinks” award slip into the spirituous side of things for a change.

And I’ll just say this before moving on: I blame Jimmy.

But move on I shall, and part of that is the announcement of the next two Mixology Mondays. Christmas is right in front of us and New Year’s is on the radar, but once the tumult of the holidays has died down, drink bloggers from all over will congregate on the Internets to raise a glass to the new year. In that glass will be Brandy, the topic for the first Mixology Monday of 2008, hosted by Marleigh at SLOSHED! on Monday, January 14. Grab a bottle of spirits from the grape — or the apple, or the pear, or the cherry, or the…you get the drift — put a drink on the web by the end of January 14, let Marleigh know about it, and keep an eye out for her wrapup soon afterward.

Then, on February 11, we’re going with Variations over at Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour. Jimmy’s been busy with lots of things recently — finishing Jeffrey’s roundup for the last MxMo, voting for Anita and Cameron for assorted blog awards — so I’ll help him out by explaining, with his own words, what’s in mind: “Maybe it’s something where you take a classic recipe, or someone else’s recipe and give it your own twist. Or maybe you could explore the history of a cocktail through its variations etc. etc.” In other words, post how you’ve found yourself tweaking an existing recipe for one reason or another — though if we called the theme “Tweakers” we’re just asking for a disaster — or how subtle changes to a drink’s recipe creates new and wonderful things. Hard to explain, but I like it.

Congrats once again to Anita and Cameron, and here’s to another couple of rounds of MxMo.

7 Responses to The People Have Spoken, Damn Them

  1. Thank you so much… I’m entirely floored that a wine blogger didn’t win, but I never in a million years expected we’d come out on top. I’m a little sheepish about it, given that you and Jeffrey devote your whole blogs to drinks.

    Looking forward to those new MxMo topics. We’ll bring a bottle of brandy to Napa with us next week, so we can experiment.

  2. Then, on February 11, we’re going with Variations over at Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour.

    Oooh! That reminds me a thought on a post we were already planning on making at some point. The scienticians might just have to show up for that one.

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