Anybody waiting for Mixology Monday?

Okay, it’s been a while since I mentioned the upcoming Mixology Monday schedule, and considering the line of e-mails in my inbox from bloggers patiently tapping their feet, this hasn’t gone unnoticed. My apologies for the delay, but now I think we’ve got things lined up for the next few months.

The next round, for March, takes place Monday, March 17. Hosting this round is our good friend Rick, from Kaiser Penguin. For the theme, Rick has chosen “Limit One, Please,” and here’s how he describes it:

Exotic cocktail spots would often advertise their potent potions by limiting a customer to one per evening. It wasn’t all gimmick, however; some recipes like the Zombie contained up to 5oz of 80-proof spirit! This phenomenon isn’t limited to just tiki drinks; in fact, many locales even have laws that forbid a bartender to create a drink with more than a specified quantity of liquor.

So for this month’s round of Mixology Monday, dig up your most deadly cocktails. No Long Island Iced Teas allowed!

I plan to blatantly rip off Gabriel’s format from when he hosted, as it was just wonderful. So make sure to include a picture, unless you want a screen-shot of your blog text.

Got it? Great — we’ve got about a week and a half before the big day rolls around, so think about the drinks you like but have to approach cautiously, and put one together by the 17th. Let Rick know when your post is up, and, uh, you might want to send him that e-mail or comment before you start in on the drink.

Now that March is taken care of, let’s look ahead:

  • April? Let’s go for fruit — Fruit Liqueurs, in particular. That’s the theme for next month’s Mixology Monday, hosted by Anna at Morsels & Musings on April 14. It’s a theme with plenty of options, and I think we’ll see some really interesting drinks.
  • May is all about Rum, thanks to Blair at Trader Tiki. The most versatile spirit of all is the topic for Mixology Monday on May 12; keep an eye on Blair’s site for details to come.
  • In June, Mixology Monday takes on Kentucky’s native spirit, when host SeanMike from Scofflaw’s Den gets all of us to start mixing with Bourbon. More details to come — no really, I mean it this time.

In July, there’s something extra special planned; details are still being worked out, but I’ll be sure to put up the news as soon as everything is settled. Sorry to be cryptic, but this one’s gonna be a Mixology Monday for the ages.

And now, back to the drinks…

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  2. can’t believe i mixed the toxic challenge of “limit one”.
    make sure you update the mxmo index page you started! it was such a good resource it would be a shame to lose it!

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