My mother always said I was special…

…as did my guidance counselor, while dissuading me from pursuing anything ambitious in life.

Now, apparently the San Francisco Chronicle thinks so, too — see, it’s right there next to the byline: “Special to the Chronicle“. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, almost as warm as the new St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram I wrote the article about makes me feel.

Plus, the editors gave this one of my all-time favorite headlines:

Hot dram!
Complex Jamaican liqueur’s American revival captures imaginations of connoisseurs

Eric’s liqueur really is fantastic — as someone who’s worked up several batches of pimento dram by hand, I’m excited to have a convenient, well-made product on the market. So much for hand-grinding the allspice berries from here on out.

4 Responses to My mother always said I was special…

  1. Excellent!

    Now to go bug the liquor store owners to get some of this stuff in. I’ve become quite fond of Chuck Taggart’s recipe, and am eager to have something to compare it to.

    I’ve got a double-strength batch of Chuck’s Recipe sitting in a barrel right now. I’ve got high hopes for that one.

  2. It figures — right after I put out to import a bottle of Wray & Nephew. Well, it’ll be nice to be able to try both — and hurray for more American distribution of obscure liquor!

  3. There’s no match for the high-ester pot still Jamaica rum at the base of this spirit. You just can’t find anything with that crazy fruity pungent nose on the market anymore.

    Nice work, Paul & thanks again. Eric Seed is, in the words of Bud Light, a “Real American Genius”.

  4. Hooray! Let me know if you want a paper copy… provided Mr. C hasn’t already tossed the Comical in the recycle bin.

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