Just so you know I’m not TOTALLY slacking off….

There’s been a recent addition to the sidebar just to the right of this post — RSS subscribers, you might want to click through for a sec — that may be useful to those who are wondering where the hell I am and why I haven’t posted in a while.

As I mentioned last summer, and a few times since then, I’ve been writing two spirits & cocktails posts a week over at the group blog Serious Eats; a newsy piece or product review on Wednesdays, and a recipe on Fridays. I don’t do much crossover content between this site and that one, except for the occasional recipe, so if you head over on occasion and clickety on my profile, you’ll be able to see the last ten posts I’ve written (more than that, and you’ll have to use the handy search engine).

But here’s where the sidebar comes in: thanks to the magic of widgetry, you can now see links to the most recent five posts I’ve put up over at Serious Eats, right at the top of each page, just under the “Search” thingy. So if you’re ever wondering if one day you’ll read a news item about how I fell in the shower one morning and withered away over the course of a week while booze-hungry readers kept clicking “refresh” and muttering, “POST, dammit!”, then this should put your mind at rest. As long as you see me posting on booze somewhere in the blogosphere every few days, I’m okay — and thanks for checking in on me.

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