News you can use — no, really!

I’ve mentioned it before, and probably will again one more time in the next week, but this little site over at Blogging Tales of the Cocktail has tons of useful info for anyone attending Tales of the Cocktail, or anyone wishing they had.

Now, with a new post that just went up, the site has something that’s going to be absolutely essential to any Tales-goer: Chuck Taggart’s guide to eating in New Orleans. If you’re at all familiar with the Gumbo Pages, you’ll know Chuck’s is a voice to sit up and pay attention to when the topic turns culinary, and if you’re not familiar, you better get over to the Gumbo Pages right away.

Making it even more useful, Chuck mostly steers clear of the fancy dinner joints (with a couple of very notable exceptions), and instead emphasizes the po’boy and jumbalaya places worth visiting within walking distance of the Monteleone (or, if you’ve got a bit more time and a hankering for incredible grub, a short cab ride), whether it’s for lunch, a less formal dinner or, in some cases, to satisfy that late night gumbo craving.

I have yet to enter the Blackberry / iPhone / whatever age, so I’m printing this one off before I hit town. If the Tales Blog isn’t in your RSS reader yet, hit it now — and get ready for a whole lot of action once Tales kicks off next week.

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  1. Just read through Chuck’s post…and even with my PDA, I’m printing this out so as to ensure that I don’t lose this guide. It’s been years since I was in NOLA and I cannot wait to try some of these recommendations.

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