A few things on my way out…

I’m leaving for the airport at oh-my-god-thirty, but here are a few things to keep an eye on while I’m gone–

First, I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging on this site, but over at the Tales Blog, there’s gonna be a hell of a lot of action between now and next Monday. There’ll be frequent posts from more than 30 of the world’s top booze-bloggers as we make our way through New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail. If you’re not reading over there, you’re really missing out, so head on over; better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed and see what’s up.

Second, we’re a week from Mixology Monday; this month’s theme is New Orleans. If you’re joining us at Tales, be sure to post one of the favorite drinks you’ve encountered; if you just can’t make it this year, join in the fun by putting up a post on a New Orleans-related cocktail. Announcement post is over here; just stick a comment with the URL of your entry in that post, and I’ll get it included in the roundup.

Third — well, there is no third. For those of you coming to Tales, I’ll see you soon!

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