MxMo XXIX: New Orleans (and a little extra)

[This notice is cross-posted at the Mixology Monday blog. What MxMo blog, you ask? Well click on through and see -- I'm not running nearly as late with this as I thought I'd be.]

We’ve recently marked the second anniversary of Mixology Monday, and this month’s event had almost 40 participants, possibly the most ever. It’s time to bring it up one more level.

For July, Mixology Monday will take place on Monday, July 21, and this round will feature New Orleans. There are two ways to participate:

  1. Mix up a cocktail that either originated in or is inspired by New Orleans, and post about it by Monday, July 21. By “originated,” I mean classics such as the Sazerac or the Milk Punch, as well as more recent creations such as the Obituary Cocktail or the Hurricane; really, there are tons of them out there, and with a little web research (my site has its own fair share of them) you’ll come up with a number of choices. And by “inspired,” I mean don’t be limited by what’s already out there; follow the New Orleans style and knock some Peychaud’s bitters or Herbsaint into the glass for a little NO touch. Hell, even tiki drinks qualify — Don the Beachcomber was created by Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, who hailed from…that’s right.
  2. Or, get your booze-bloggin’ butt down to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail from July 16 to 20, and post one of your favorites out of the flood of drinks you’ll encounter. (And it doesn’t have to be a typical New Orleans cocktail; the fact that you’re drinking it while in town is good enough.)

Top get option #2 started, on Wednesday, July 16, there’s a reception for cocktail bloggers at the Hotel Monteleone from 4:30 to 6:00. This thing is all ours, folks, and it’s even being billed (somewhere down in the fine print) as “Mixology Monday Live.” This reception comes just as the event is kicking off, and we’ll have food and cocktails for every blogger who can make it.

Right now there are more than 30 cocktail bloggers who are coming to New Orleans and participating in Blogging Tales of the Cocktail, and — with a little help from the gods of airline transport — we’ll finally have the opportunity to say “I thought you’d be taller / thinner / drunker” to all these folks we’ve only known online for so long. We’ve got bloggers coming from as far away as New Zealand and the UK for this; if you’re still on the fence about it, better jump in now. (And if you’re a cocktail blogger coming to Tales and you aren’t on the Tales Blog contributors list but want to get in on the game, let me know and we’ll get you lined up. )

Even if you can’t make it to New Orleans to be with the rest of us, you can join in the fun with Mixology Monday. I’ll host this round; to participate, just have your post up on or before July 21, and pop a note in the comments section to this post. And if there’s any way you can make it, we’d love to have you join us at Tales of the Cocktail. Hope to see you there.

40 Responses to MxMo XXIX: New Orleans (and a little extra)

  1. jimmy says:

    You’re welcome.

  2. Ryan says:

    I made an Old new Orleans Rum Swizzle

    I live here (in NOLA), so I’m free to make it to any such event. Is there any charge?

  3. Ted Munat says:

    I’ve got a New Orleans drink all ready to go! Problem is, it comes with a long story, and Jamie told me last night I need to cut to the booze quicker on my blog. But Charles says he can rig me up a “skip to booze” link, so everything should work out perfect.

  4. Lis Riba says:

    Hey, is it too late to get in on the cocktail blogger reception at TOTC?

    I’m a librarian, not a bartender, but love digging thru the archives to learn more about cocktail history.

    And my husband is Ian Osmond, who blogs as Bartender Geek @

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  6. Mary says:

    Here’s my entry – traditional Sazerac with coganc variation

    Hope you’re having a grand time in New Orleans!

  7. Christa says:

    Hope everyone had a great time in New Orleans! Here’s my cocktail:


  8. SeanMike says:

    Okily dokily! I’ve got mine up – a Vieux Carre’ cocktail and a Coffee Cocktail.

    I’m jealous of all y’all that got to go to Tales instead of E3.

  9. Shawn says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for hosting. Here’s my submission. Cheers!


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  12. I posted a variation / creation. The New Orleans #25

  13. Aimee says:

    New takes on two classics, the Hurricane and the Sazerac:

  14. Ted Munat says:

    The Tall Acadian, invented by Edmond of Richiboctou in the 1880s. Or maybe by me in April. Hard to say really.

  15. I could not make it to Tales this year, so I made myself a NOLA drink each of the five days.

    Thank you for hosting Paul.

    Bruce Tomlinson

  16. Bunnyhugs says:

    I’m in the Caribbean so no bar handy. However, I have posted a couple of pointers on egg drinks, and specifically the Ramos Gin Fizz.

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  18. Dood says:

    My entry is up at

    Question: Are the round-ups going to start getting hosted at the MxMo site with a different author of the roundup each month?

  19. Chuck says:

    I’ve got two this month, both of which might be familiar to regular readers of my blog but still might be new to some.

    One’s a new milk punch created for New Orleans Magazine by H. of Elixir, the other’s a nearly-lost old New Orleans family cocktail that I was lucky enough to have a hand in resurrecting five years ago. I hadn’t posted the story in about three years, so I thought some folks might be hearing it for the first time.

    So, A Milk Punch Named Desire and The Mother-In-Law Cocktail, here:

  20. Ian Osmond says:

    I’ve actually been spending most of my post-Tales blogging time trying to get my notes from my panels typed up and posted — so far, I’ve managed to get Wednesday done, and my first panel on Thursday — but I threw together a couple thoughts on tradition, technology, and the Ramos Gin Fizz up here:

  21. I feel a bit sheepish about this, as it is the debut post for the underhill-lounge for an MxMo.

    No pictures and minimal text.

    Well, the drink recipes are good!

    Vieux Carre Cocktail

  22. Jacob says:

    Hi Paul,

    Here’s my entry:

    Thanks for hosting, and good meeting you in NO.

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  24. How many Hurricanes are there so far? Here’s mine:

    Thanks for hosting!

  25. At the deadline! Mine is up at:

    I worked up an (absinthe) suissesse from Stanley Clisby Arthur’s book. Like New Orleans, it is a mix of the sacred and profane.

  26. David says:

    An unplanned nap has resulted in this being posted VERY late on Mixology Moday…it’s technically Tipsy Tuesday …a little break for a first-timer?

    I have compiled a brief history of the French 75 and proposed a resolution to its great controversy:

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