MxMo XLIII: Vermouth

I’m running late in getting this announcement up, but considering the theme for October’s Mixology Monday (which takes place Monday, October 26), I’m guessing most regular (and new) participants already have the stuff on hand.

The details: This month’s MxMo is hosted by Vidiot at Cocktailians, and for the theme Vidiot has chosen a subtance that’s absolutely essential to any home or professional bar: Vermouth.

As Vidiot notes in his announcement post (which you should click through and read in its entirety):

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to present a delectable vermouth cocktail for us all to drool over. Sweet/Italian or dry/French vermouth are fair game of course, as are quinquina, aperitif wines like Pineau des Charentes, or for that matter any fortified, aromatized wine such as Lillet (red or white), or Dubonnet (ditto.) Have fun, and leave the link in the comments to [the announcement post] by midnight PDT (no, not this PDT) (3am EDT) Tuesday, October 27th.

Got it? Great! So dig out your Carpano Antica or your Noilly Prat, or that last bit of Dolin blanc you’ve been saving for a special drink, and get to mixing. Put your drink up on Monday, October 26, and then check back later to see what everyone came up with. Cheers!

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