Evening Magazine’s “Local Man” — hey, that’s me!

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight I made my cocktail-related small-screen debut — no, not that one, the other, old-time small screen — on KING-5′s Evening Magazine. I was prepared to see me make a total ass of myself, but fortunately the show let Cary Grant and Erik Hakkinen do the important talking (and mixing), and just in case there was a bad taste left on anyone’s eyeballs, they followed the piece with another segment that focused on Tavern Law, one of my favorite Seattle bars.

Anyway, here’s me looking like hopefully not too much of an idiot on Evening Magazine; but trust me, you didn’t want to taste that mangled Police Gazette Cocktail I made, or the Last Word I’m mixing and pouring during the segment:

11 Responses to Evening Magazine’s “Local Man” — hey, that’s me!

  1. Philip Duff says:

    You did a show with Cary Grant?! You were always my hero, Paul, but now you are a GOD!

  2. Paul,

    Your kitchen and closet look like mine! I actually have three different areas of the house full of bottles, and then the library is spilling over into different rooms now as well.

    Great segment!


  3. Paul,

    congratulations on your new theme music, which I have titles “Freelance journalist out for a drink”.

    also, you have a copy of the Hoffman House book? Check it, 1907 bartending world champion, from Portland, OR!

  4. dietsch says:

    Am I allowed to comment if I’m not named Blair?

    Ah, throw caution to the wind!

    Fun segment, Paul. You’ll have to disguise yourself in public now.

  5. Holly Genest says:

    Paul, nice job on your segment! I still order (or try to order) the Old Cuban you introduced me to a while back. It’s still my favorite cocktail! Keep up the great work!

  6. Steph says:

    That is the most beautiful closet I have ever seen:)

  7. imbibe_jen says:

    exceptional job Paul, and I agree your wife is a saint. bravo!

  8. Kara Newman says:

    Paul, this was so much fun to watch! You sounded downright erudyte. Hmmm…are you becoming the Dave Wondrich of the West Coast?

  9. casey robison says:

    Wow Paul, that’s awesome. Serious congratulations sir.


  10. Rowen says:

    Paul, great segment. And your liquor pantry is so elegant. (I know I’m not the first to tell you that, but you gotta understand—my bottles share space with the broom and the dog food.)

  11. Kevin says:

    Great job, man!

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