MxMo Tom Waits — hold on, this’ll be interesting

For the third time this year, Mixology Monday is being hosted by a Seattle bartender with a blog — and for May’s event (which takes place May 24), it’s Andrew Bohrer at Caskstrength who’s up to bat, and Andrew has selected Tom Waits as the theme.

I know, it stumped me too, at first.

But hey, we’re four years into Mixology Monday, and we’ve already hit most of the obvious drink inspirations, so a MxMo devoted to the bard of booze isn’t too far-fetched. As Andrew writes in his announcement post,

Let the bawdy, lovely, peculiar and obvious late night life inspire you to tell a favorite drinking tale while listening to, or being inspired by Tom Waits. Waits 40 years of drinking tunes to choose from.

In other words, while this MxMo is about drink, as always, it’s about much more — it’s about your favorite drinking stories, and the places and people that define your late, hazy nights, past or present. Even if you’re not a Waits fan and have no interest in his music — yes, I’ve heard such people exist — if you’re reading this blog then you likely have spent your fair share of nights on a bar stool. Let’s hear about one of your favorites.

To participate, have your post up on your blog by Monday, May 24; be sure to let Andrew know you participated by leaving a comment on his announcement post, and don’t forget to link back to the Mixology Monday site and Andrew’s site while you’re at it. Cheers–

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