MxMo LI (that’s 51, not Long Island) – September 20

(Jesus, we’ve done 50 of these things already?)

Hot off the heels of a bang-up August event, which marked the return of Mixology┬á Monday after a brief summer hiatus, September’s event will bid adieu to the season on September 20.

Hosting this round of MxMo is Doug at Pegu Blog. Perhaps noting that “gin,” “bitters” and “orange” (as in liqueur) have already been used as themes for MxMos past, Doug selected the one remaining ingredient in the drink from which his blog derives its name, and is using that as the theme for September’s event: Lime.

Doug’s preview post is up over here; head on over and check out the details, and have your drink shaken up (and posted) on or before Monday, September 20. Be sure to link back to the Mixology Monday site (don’t forget the MxMo logo!), and to Doug’s blog to show your gratitude for his hosting.

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