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Evening Magazine’s “Local Man” — hey, that’s me!

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight I made my cocktail-related small-screen debut — no, not that one, the other, old-time small screen — on KING-5′s Evening Magazine. I was prepared to see me make a total ass of myself, but fortunately the show let Cary Grant and Erik Hakkinen do the important talking (and mixing), andContinue Reading

Sit back, relax, and watch the pictures as they fly through the air

A few years ago, after I did my first newspaper interview as a booze geek (for a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story on rye whiskey, if memory serves), I noted that item on my About page along with the quip, “I’m not convinced it’s a good thing when one’s drinking habits attract media attention.” Tomorrow night, I’llContinue Reading

Things I didn’t blog about in 2009

You know, ignoring a blog is a lot of work, especially if it’s a blog you’ve been running for almost five years. First there are the regular posting habits to break, then the Google Analytics reports to not look at, then the comments to ignore. Comments, such as this one left just this past weekendContinue Reading

Top 50? I’ll take that–

Considering all the time I’ve spent not blogging over the past couple of months, I’m surprised many readers stop by at all anymore. Which made it all the more surprising when I checked out my site traffic last week and noticed that The Cocktail Chronicles is listed in PC Magazine’s “Our Favorite Blogs 2009″ —Continue Reading

Don’t Be Bitter

Sure — I’ll play along with Dietsch’s “Don’t Be Bitter” contest. After all, the gentlemen from The Bitter Truth have supplied some of the best bitters in my liquor cabinet, and the opportunity to win a bottle of their Beefeater 24 Bitters — which apparently aren’t for sale — is too good to pass up.Continue Reading