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MxMo XLII: Dizzy Dairy

Bet you thought I’d forgotten about it, huh? No, just running behind on getting the details together — but never fear, there is a September Mixology Monday coming along soon — September 28, to be precise. The hosts for this round of MxMo are the good folks over at eGullet (led by group manager Chris… Continue Reading

MxMo Oopsie, and heading into August

I blew it, but let me explain. Every July for the past three years, I’ve volunteered to host Mixology Monday, which has usually occurred just before or immediately following Tales of the Cocktail. And every year, once the bustle and liquored-up frenzy of Tales rolls around, I ask myself, “What the hell was I thinking?”… Continue Reading

Three quick media things

Before I commence with my full-on, panicked rush toward Tales of the Cocktail, I wanted to drop a few quick notes out there– First, the first piece I’ve written for Wine & Spirits magazine is now on the newsstand, in the August issue. Titled, appropriately, Tequila Cocktails, the story briefly touches on the work of… Continue Reading

Who’s up for a little Xocolatl?

Almost a year and a half ago, after straying across a mention of a prototype spicy chocolate bitters at Cocktail Virgin Slut, I dropped a message to the bitters’ creators to see if somehow, some way, I could take a sample through its paces. Four sample bottles and a couple of explosively good cocktails later,… Continue Reading

From online to On the Air

Sure, I ignored posting much of a self-congratulatory note on May 16th, the fourth anniversary of starting this blog — but if you’d just written 30 blog posts about 30 drinks in 30 days, wouldn’t you? But now that I can stand to see the inside of WordPress again, and before it completely fades from… Continue Reading