Three quick media things

Before I commence with my full-on, panicked rush toward Tales of the Cocktail, I wanted to drop a few quick notes out there–

  • First, the first piece I’ve written for Wine & Spirits magazine is now on the newsstand, in the August issue. Titled, appropriately, Tequila Cocktails, the story briefly touches on the work of bartenders such as Phil Ward at Mayahuel in New York, Julian Cox at Rivera in LA, and Casey Robison at Barrio in Seattle, who are helping to pioneer the relatively unexplored terrain of tequila mixology.
  • Second, in Wednesday’s Washington Post, Jason Wilson extensively riffs on the Negroni, at one point mentioning Bastian Heuser’s sublime Agavoni and my recent blog post about it over at Serious Eats.
  • And while I’m clearing out stuff I was too busy or lazy to post earlier, here are the two latest pieces I’ve written for the San Francisco Chronicle: an article on the growing trend of trans-city bartender exchanges, from May 24; and a more recent piece on specialized and high-quality bar tools, from June 14.

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