Who’s up for a little Xocolatl?

Almost a year and a half ago, after straying across a mention of a prototype spicy chocolate bitters at Cocktail Virgin Slut, I dropped a message to the bitters’ creators to see if somehow, some way, I could take a sample through its paces. Four sample bottles and a couple of explosively good cocktails later, I found myself a Bittermens evangelist, telling every cocktail geek I came across about the durable and versatile flavor of the Xocolatl Mole bitters — I mean Jesus, this stuff was MADE for tequila and rum — and about how the hops in the grapefruit bitters gave the flavor an amazing hang time in a cocktail. (And it wasn’t just me going on about the bitters — the San Francisco Chronicle picked up the story at about the same time.)

The one thing I couldn’t pass along, however, was instructions on how people could try these bitters — Avery Glasser, the creator of Bittermens, was working through the regulatory process, and as the months passed it seemed that Bittermens might never make it to market.

Well, guess what? Here they are. Working in partnership with Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck at The Bitter Truth — whose bitters I’ve also gushed about before, and who cap the package by being really great guys as well — Bittermens is putting their Xocolatl Mole and Grapefruit bitters into commercial production; the official release is in July, but you can place pre-orders now through The Bitter Truth’s online store. Soon, hopefully, you’ll soon be able to pick up a bottle at a store near you — TBT has been expanding their distribution most impressively — but for now, grab a bottle online so you can try out a Camerone or a Theobroma for yourself — or, maybe, a Bittermens drink created by an actual, y’know, bartender.

It’s about time for these bitters to hit the market — I’m down to my last quarter-ounce of the Xocolatl, and was really getting worried about what I’d do once they ran out.

Wait — you’re still reading? Go on, ORDER ‘EM

UPDATE: U.S. customers wishing to purchase only a few bottles can avoid paying overseas shipping charges by purchasing from The Boston Shaker (I believe wholesale orders must still go through Germany).

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  1. I would in a heartbeat but I can’t afford to have them shipped to the EU and then back to the States. Blast! Maybe we’ll get a US distributor here e’er-long. I’ve been looking forward to these for years now!

  2. The bitters don´t have to be shipped from the US to the EU. They produce them in Germany..

  3. I corresponded with Mr, Avery regarding the issue of cost to get this product in the US. On way to bring the cost down is to order nine bottles. The shipping goes down pretty significantly (to about 23 euros) and drops the per-bottle price to about $15 USD (at the current rate of exchange).

    Still, a US distributor, bound to come, would make this a much more pleasant retail experience.


  4. I just ordered up the Xocolatl bitters, and wish I would have known about the 9 bottle idea (there have to be at least 9 drinkers I know who would love a bottle). I decided that even though the shippng was a chunk, that I had to pony up since I haven’t tried them yet. And the Camerone just sounds like such a great drink to have after dinner on a summer evening–any price was worth it.

  5. So you can now order the bitters domestically from The Boston Shaker @ $18 USD (which appears to include shipping). I’d expect to be waiting a while to get them it certainly bring the price down a bit and simplifies the process as well.

    Oh, that URL:


    and look for the Bittermen’s link at the top of the page.


  6. I take that back about shipping. It shows up later when you get to paypal and runs about $5.75 per bottle, delivered to SF.

    I think I’m going to wait for someone in the SF bay area to bring this stuff in.


  7. Thanks Paul for adding the update!

    To confirm – Yes, wholesale will still go via Germany for folks looking to do that.

    Michael – thanks so much for pointing to my store. I really appreciate it!

    Here’s the link to the page where you can pre-order them http://www.thebostonshaker.com/Buy_Bittermens.html

    After chatting with TBT it looks like they’ll be ready right around Tales. I’m hoping to get them in the store from Germany, and shipped right back out to state-side folks, by the end of July or early August.

    We’re working hard on getting the costs down, and I’m right there with y’all looking forward to some point in the future where there’s US distributor to help with that.

    Bittermens for everyone!

    If anyone has questions or whatnot feel free to contact me directly via the website or via bittermens at thebostonshaker dot com.



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