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Test Pilot

Pulling this drink out of the old reliable Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log, in pursuit of something in which to give the new falernum a spin — and given my purpose, could there be a more perfect name than the “Test Pilot”? I first tried this last week, and immediately became very fond of it. The… Continue Reading

Falernum #8

Six weeks ago or thereabouts, the good Dr. Cocktail set a little corner of the cocktail- & tiki-blogging community a-twitter with an in-depth discussion of the classic Barbados liqueur / sweetener known as falernum. As those who, for some inexplicable reason, have been visiting this blog since last summer may attest, I’ve been on a… Continue Reading

Navy Grog

My birthday was last weekend, and after dropping hints on a daily basis for the past few months, my wife eventually picked up on the idea that an ice crusher would make a good gift. Now, with my spiffy new Metrokane on the counter, I can tackle a whole series of drinks in Grog Log… Continue Reading


Another adventure from Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log. I’ve been thinking about this drink for a few days, for three reasons: it was mentioned by a couple of folks during a recent-ish discussion over at Tiki Central about the top 10 tiki drinks; in the past week or so I’ve come into the possession of some… Continue Reading