Yearly Archives: 2005

Help Wanted

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of an innovator when it comes to creating cocktails. My collection of drink manuals is rapidly taking over my kitchen, and with these thousands of recipes to choose from, rarely do I venture into the unknown. But sometimes, when I have a particular ingredient or a particular flavorContinue Reading

Lion’s Tail

Another drink from–the second try with the pimento dram, and a much better result this time. This drink is similar to the None But the Brave, but uses bourbon in place of the brandy and rum, and lime in place of lemon (it also twiddles with the ratios a bit, but maybe that wasContinue Reading

None But The Brave

This one takes its time, but it grows on you. The recipe comes from, and it’s one of the first drinks I tried with my homemade pimento dram. I first gave it a spin earlier this week, when Murray at Zig Zag kindly took a stab at it, and now I’m mulling over oneContinue Reading

Adventures in Kitchen Mixology: Pimento Dram

Just over a year ago, in an article in the New York Times Magazine, Ted Haigh–otherwise known as “Dr. Cocktail”–made a pronouncement with such certainty and determination that I had no choice but to take it as gospel. While sorting through the contents of his extensive liquor cabinet, Haigh walks the writer through some ofContinue Reading


Another mystery drink. Earliest known reference is in Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts, from 1949 (though over at the Esquire Drinks Database, David Wondrich says Murdoch Pemberton originally wrote it up in Esquire in 1937, but since copies of that issue don’t seem to be floating around much anymore, I’ll say 1949 is the earliest printedContinue Reading