MxMo Rolls Along

Another great turnout for Mixology Monday, and a bunch of intriguing recipes for aperitifs. Thanks to Jimmy for hosting this round; be sure to check out the wrap-up of posts for this month’s event.

The next Mixology Monday will take place July 17. The host for this event will be Jonathan at Jiggle the Handle; Jonathan has chosen the theme Lemon for MMV, so start thinking about your sours, collins, limoncellos and other citrusy beverages, and join up with everyone on July 17. Additional details may be posted over at Jonathan’s blog.

And break out your cognac, sherry, port, grappa or other libation from the fruit of the vine for Mixology Monday VI, scheduled for August 7. The host for this round will be Rick at Saving the World, One Drink at a Time, and Rick has chosen Grape-based drinks for the topic of MMVI (though Rick has asked participants not to use wine for your entry; there are plenty of wine blogs out there — let’s hear about what else the vineyard can do).

Want to host an upcoming event? Let me know, along with your preferred date and topic.

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