Cocktail Competition

It’s Friday night, and we’re fresh off the Mixology Monday dealing with Shooters; given the situation, you might expect “cocktail competition” to be the headline for a post about how many you can pour down your throat before sliding off your barstool, but actually this is about a chance to have one of your own concoctions hit the bigtime.

I recently wrote about the upcoming Tales of the Cocktail — you’ve already booked your tickets, right? — but in preparation for the big event, organizers are holding a competition to determine the official cocktail for the 2007 event.

The basics:

  • As you might expect for a celebratory, 5th anniversary drink, the cocktail must contain champagne — Mo√ęt & Chandon White Star Champagne, to be precise.
  • It’s gotta be an original drink, and you’ve gotta be a pro (sorry, home mixologists — here’s where working behind a bar is a valuable asset)
  • You’ve gotta have it ready to turn in by March 23.

There are more requirements, an entry form and additional information, too; you can see it all here.

So if you’re a pro bartender who has a special touch with the bubbly, get to work and take a chance on having your drink be the toast of New Orleans this July.

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