MxMo Times Three

I’ve mentioned before how a bout of stomach flu can disrupt the flow of posts on this blog. Well, this latest two-week break should serve to underscore how the flu — mixed with out-of-town trips and the general lack of enthusiasm in much of anything that accompanies the passing of a longtime family pet — can continue to throw a monkey wrench into the regular schedule.

But speaking of schedules, three — count ’em, three — hosts are preparing to pull the next few editions of Mixology Monday all the way into June.

  • Join everyone on April 16 for MxMo XIV over at Married…With Dinner. Hosts Anita and Cameron are looking for lots of ideas for Champagne Cocktails for this Mixology Monday round. And if tax day isn’t enough of a reason to break out the bubbly, then consider that April marks the first anniversary of the launch of Mixology Monday — so to anybody who’s participated over the last year, and to everyone who has meant to, please join us over at Anita & Cameron’s place for this anniversary event. Details are here.
  • On May 14, Matt over at My Bar, Your Bar hosts MxMo XV. Matt’s choice for the round is Tequila, so think about the drinks you worked up for Cinco de Mayo and post them for the event.
  • On June 18, hosting for Mixology Monday heads to the Southern Hemisphere when Anna at Morsels and Musings takes the reins for MxMoXVI. Anna’s looking for the Creme de la Creme — cocktails with cream liqueurs, or those that incorporate ingredients from the dairy cooler at your friendly local megamart / co-op grocery / convenience store / wherever it is you pick up your goods.

The March MxMo event on Shooters had a bit of a lackluster turnout; considering that the host didn’t even participate, I suppose it was par for the course. But, from the look of the drinks that are already appearing in the MxMo thread over at eGullet, the April event seems sure to be a blast — so reach for the fizzy wine and get mixing.

See you April 16, flu bug permitting.

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