Helloooooooo, Pittsburgh!

The Los Angeles Times. The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times. Imbibe magazine. Now, add the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to the list of publications that have jumped on the “rye is back!” bandwagon.

This is fitting, though, considering that western Pennsylvania was the source of so much rye whiskey in the years before it fell from grace. In today’s story, reporter Bill Toland explores the region’s historic connection with the spirit, and looks at how present-day whiskey fiends are going bezonkers over bottles of Rittenhouse, Michter’s and Sazerac. A couple of details are fumbled a bit, but only hardcore booze geeks like me — and, if you’re reading this, probably you — will notice or give a hoot about it; otherwise, there’s plenty of solid information here.

To tell the story, Toland talks to whiskey historians John and Linda Lipman and to Lew Bryson, managing editor of Malt Advocate. While working on the story, Toland also called some of the finest minds in whiskey and mixology; unable to reach any of them, he instead had to settle for talking to me.

Head on over here to read Toland’s story, and to see how good I am at making an ass of myself while talking to the media.

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4 Responses to Helloooooooo, Pittsburgh!

  1. Until recently, the only rye available in Pennsylvania without a special order was Old Overholt (a good mixing standby), though I’ve seen Sazerac Rye and one or two others gracing the shelves in the premium store near my house.

    It’s going to be tough for some rye to get more exposure without some time on the shelves …

  2. Same here, Rick. I’ve found Sazerac and Old Overholt, but not much else. Another raspberry for the PLCB!

    Paul- I love the term “liquorati” 🙂

  3. Check out the PLCB’s website. You can SLO any of the products that they have listed. Go to your local store give them the product code & a 50% deposit and they will order it for you. The only ones that are not avalable anymore are Sazerac 18 & Thos. Handy. They also have the Black Maple Hill listed but only 6 bottles of both the 18 & 23 year are coming into Penn and I’ve got dibs on all of ’em. Old Potrero should be in soon in VERY small quantities.

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