Tales of the Cocktail 2007: And a Wonderful Time was had by All


Wow, I thought I’d never surface out of that Sazerac.

Gah, now that was an EVENT, people — five solid days (mostly) of outrageous cocktail-sipping fun, surrounded by other people as geeky about the stuff as anybody likely to read this, and all in New Orleans, the cocktail capital of the universe.

Last year I made it a point that, no matter how tired or tipsy I was, I blogged about the event every day. This year, though, I realized that the shorter the time between staggering into the hotel room and doing a faceplant on the bed, the better I’d function the next morning when I ordered my breakfast cocktail. WHO-EEEE!

I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep — a horribly delayed flight out of New Orleans didn’t help matters much (though I think I still got home earlier than Darcy, who was in the van with me to the airport on Sunday) — but it’s been more than 48 hours since I hauled myself out of Louisiana, so I thought I better get something up before someone sent out a search party.

I think I lost a few brain cells along the way, so I hope you’ll pardon if I don’t go into excruciating detail with a lot of stuff. I’ve got a few photos that may help, but the rest you’ll have to imagine. Actually, some of it may really be just things I imagined — five days of lapping at Sazeracs and Pimm’s cups will do that to a person. I’ll put it up as separate posts, so you can come back and wander through at your convenience.

And now, here’s what I hazily remember from Tales of the Cocktail 2007.

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