Finishing up the season

While I’ve already posted my welcome note to autumn, today was the official last day of summer, and it kind of, almost felt that way in Seattle. To truly, finally usher out the season, I decided to follow Marleigh’s lead and finish off the last dregs of the Tequila por Mi Amante in my fridge.

Rather than using it in a Paloma or Margarita variation, however — as delicious as those are with the amante — I decided to try something new (to me, anyway), a drink posted on eGullet by jmfangio several weeks ago. The cocktail takes a dose of the amante, revs it up with a little un-infused reposado, then hits the mix with a full ounce of St. Germain, tempered with some lime juice.

The result tastes even better than it sounded — those fragrant grapefruit notes in the St. Germain work really well with the tequila, and the strawberry from the amante gives the drink a nice glow. Even though it’s dipping down into the 40s tonight, and the human-interest stories on the news are full of pumpkin carving competitions, it’s good to have this one last taste of summer.

[by the way, jmfangio, if you come up with a name, I’d love to hear it]

  • 1 ounce Tequila por Mi Amante
  • 1/2 ounce reposado tequila
  • 1 ounce St. Germain
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

3 Responses to Finishing up the season

  1. Wow! Paul, I’m truly honored by the shout out. This blog has played a huge role in my continuing cocktail education, so this is like getting a nod from a mentor.

    I hadn’t given any thought to a name yet, but maybe the Marguerita, a little Gallic play on the name in honor of the St. Germain?

  2. Elderflower is called “baya del saúco” in spanish, if that gives you any springboard for names.

    Alternately, now you’ve got berries and berry flowers in there — how about Dos Bayos (two berries) or Bayos y Flores (berries & blossoms). Or Fresas y Flores (strawberries…) if you’re into alliteration.

    Hmm, that last sounds kind of girly, for a tequila drink. I’ll keep thinking about it; I love naming challenges.

  3. This is a really excellent drink. My tequila por mi amante just came out of its mini-aging process (six weeks total from strawberries and tequila to drinkability). I love it especially with the st germain and the lttle shot of reposado. I wonder if a half ounce of mezcal instead would be too intense. A hint of bitters (maybe grapefruit?) might be interesting too.

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