Three Quick Things

Busy, busy, hence the long silence. But before my RSS feed starts gathering dust, I wanted to bring up a few quick things:

  • Mixology MondayRight around the corner is Mixology Monday XXIV, hosted over at Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour. Jimmy has chosen Variations as the theme; to participate, Jimmy writes, “You can present your variation of a classic recipe, or compare several variations of the same recipe, or anything really.” That “anything really” speaks volumes, so there’s no reason to miss out on this round of Mixology Monday.
  • We’re also only a week or so out from the close for Raiders of the Lost Cocktail, hosted at The Spirit World. I’m the — what? — arbiter, grand poobah, custodian, etc. for this month’s event, and in my bountiful wisdom I have chosen apricot brandy as my spirit of choice to be sampled throughout the land. Raiders of the Lost CocktailDetails on the event are here and here, and to participate, just stick your drink and appropriate references in one of the comment areas (don’t worry, I’ll make sure they’re all accounted for over at The Spirit World). Of course, I realize I’ve committed myself to trying the participating drinks, which means I’ll probably lose my appetite for apricot brandy within three hours of the event’s close, but these are the sacrifices we make.
  • Finally, I’ve somehow been sucked into something called “Blargh Badness” over at Metroblogging Seattle. I’m still not entirely certain what this is, but the competition runs until Sunday. Head on over to see how badly I’m having my ass kicked by the top food bloggers in Seattle, and if you have any decency whatsoever, you’ll cast a vote for me out of sheer pity.

Hopefully soon my schedule will ease up enough that I’m able to start posting more frequently. Until then, be sure to check out my twice-weekly posts over at Serious Eats.

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