Don’t even tell me the odds

The neutral news: Nominees for the second annual Spirit Awards were announced today. From the press release: “Through its annual Spirit Awards, Tales of the Cocktail provides recognition to those individuals and establishments that have shown an outstanding talent for advancing the craft of the cocktail.” Categories include Best Drink Selection; Best Classic Cocktail Bar; Mixologist/Bartender of the Year; and Best New Product.

The good news: I was nominated in the “Best Cocktail Writing” category, for my work with Imbibe and the San Francisco Chronicle (hmm, a certain online site wasn’t mentioned…)

The bad news: The other nominees include Jeff Berry, Ted Haigh, Gary Regan, Debra Argen & Edward Nesta, and David Wondrich. Ah, well, it’s nice to think I have a chance.

Awards will be presented July 19 in New Orleans, during Tales of the Cocktail. Be sure to drop by and watch the mascara streak my face as I’m handed the bouquet for umpteenth runner-up.

2 Responses to Don’t even tell me the odds

  1. Jamie B says:

    I KNEW you wore mascara! I had an argument with Murray about that very thing, and he said you just used a little blush.
    It appears that he owes me $5.
    This might help:,,7j9dggd4,00.html
    See you Thursday…

  2. That’s some lovely visual imagery there Paul.

    Is there a prize for Miss(ter) Congeniality?

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