MxMo Extension

Since virtually all of the 30-someodd cocktail bloggers who made it to Tales of the Cocktail are still in transit on their way home (me, Blair, Craig, et al) or are showing up bleary-eyed at their day jobs after a week of revelry (Jeffrey, Rick, Erik, et al), it doesn’t look like many of us are going to make today’s deadline for posting a New Orleans drink. So, I’m pushing back the deadline one week, to July 28. Details on this month’s theme is here; I’m hosting, so stick the URL of your submission in the comments section of the announcement post, and I’ll get a roundup posted in the following day or so.

6 Responses to MxMo Extension

  1. Dood says:

    Oh thank God. I was trying to figure out how to write about the Absinthe Suisse with my face flat on the keyboard.

  2. Darcy O'Neil says:

    Whew! My opening line for the Mx Monday was “What the hell was Paul thinking?”

  3. Whew, as well.

    There was no way I was mixing a cocktail today!

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  5. Marleigh says:

    Thank you! I’m barely able to form sentences yet, let alone think about drinking. Is it possible to still be drunk four days later?

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