Table Matters

There are so many new food and drink sites coming online that it’s hard to keep up — while my online reading is mostly oriented toward spirits and cocktail-related blogs and sites (those, and news feeds to satisfy my political junkie side), the world of cocktail blogs has erupted so much over the past year or so that I long ago lost track of all that are out there.

Here’s a new food-and-drink site that I’m going to be sure to keep up with, though: Table Matters. Edited by Jason Wilson, who covers spirits for the Washington Post (if you were at Tales of the Cocktail, Jason was the guy wearing a press pass, walking around with a drink in his hand), and with a group of immensely talented writers that includes Jordan Mackay and Maggie Dutton, Table Matters is a wider-ranging magazine-style site that’s more in the realm of online venues such as CHOW than the ever-growing arena of the blogosphere. While it’s certainly a food-oriented site, spirits and cocktails already have a significant showing; considering that many culinary sites give spirits a short shrift, this is a very encouraging sign.

I’ve already added Table Matters to my feed reader; be sure to head on over and take a look.

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