MxMo Alert: the First Time

We’re a little less than a week away from the next Mixology Monday (I know, it seems like it came up really fast — we’re moving a little earlier in the month with this one, no reason to panic). This round takes place Monday, March 9, is hosted by the ladies of LUPEC-Boston, and the topic is The First Time.* Need more information? I’ll let hostess Pink Lady explain:

This event was inspired by a chance encounter I had with an almost-famous Christian rock musician who, at age 32, had never had a cocktail. “I’d like to try one sometime,” he said, “What do you think I should have?”

It’s an excellent question, and one I though best vetted by wide audience of experts: What drink do you suggest for the delicate palate of the cocktail neophyte? Something boozy and balanced, sure – but one wrong suggestion could relegate the newbie to a beer-drinker’s life. To which go-to cocktails do you turn to when faced with the challenge?

C’mon, folks, we’ve all been there — you’re all into cool cocktails and you find someone who isn’t, but is curious. Now what? How do you show them what you’re all excited about without overreaching with the Campari or the Fernet Branca and freakin’ them out all the way back to Fresca? Here’s your chance to ease a newbie into the game–

Head over to Pink Lady’s announcement post for details on how to participate, and get your drink up by midnight (or thereabouts) on March 9.

* Maybe it’s my ’80s upbringing, but I can’t write that phrase without getting that damn Foreigner song stuck in my head.

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