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30/30, #25: the Princeton Cocktail

The preparation ritual required to mix a two-tone Princeton Cocktail certainly does it no favors in the comeback department. Then again, this is an era in which many drinkers don’t think twice about ordering a round of scratch mojitos in a packed bar at 11pm on a Friday night, so who’s to say — maybe… Continue Reading

30/30, #24: the Home Stretch

It’s been a long Mother’s Day weekend, a busy work week is just a few hours off, and I’m really not in the mood to get all fancy with the liquor cabinet — the couch and the remainder of the Sunday paper just look too inviting. But I’m 23 drinks into this thing, so I… Continue Reading

30/30, #23: the Wibble

Before I move away from my last post about a drink created by London bartender Dick Bradsell — and a drink made with blackberry liqueur, at that — I wanted to dig into one other cocktail that shares these characteristics: the Wibble. As if the use of blackberry liqueur wasn’t distinguishing enough, the Wibble builds… Continue Reading

30/30, #22: the Bramble

Another oldie — if you consider a drink that’s of the same circa vintage as Thriller and Return of the Jedi “old” — but one you don’t see all that often in U.S. bars. While this Dick Bradsell creation was long a staple of UK cocktail bars (and may still be, for all I know… Continue Reading

30/30, #21: the Empyrean

There are several essential rules everyone should know when navigating the contemporary world of bars, cocktails and mixology: If Chris Hannah at Arnaud’s French 75 bar offers to make you something he’s been working on, don’t ask questions — just say yes. If you step into Flatiron Lounge or Clover Club and find the bar… Continue Reading