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30/30, #20: The Trinidad Sour

I just realized I have no real way to categorize this drink, other than to start a new category titled “Holy Hell.” I read about this drink in March on Lauren’s blog at Drink Boston, and on Frederic’s blog at Cocktail Virgin Slut, and both times I recall thinking, “That sounds awesome, but scary. I’m… Continue Reading

30/30, #17: Theobroma

Back when I first started exploring cocktails, one of the most useful resources I had was Esquire Drinks and the accompanying Esquire Drinks Database, both written by David Wondrich. Along with the recipes and essays on drinks, the database had (and I’m using the past tense, because damned if I can find it after the… Continue Reading

30/30, #16: the Saratoga Cocktail

A few days ago, while covering the Diamondback, I mentioned the natural relationship that exists between the rich flavors of rye whiskey and apple brandy. Here’s another excellent drink in the same vein, except with a different partner for the whiskey: the Saratoga Cocktail. Essentially a Manhattan that’s had half of the whiskey swapped out… Continue Reading