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One More Drink with Pastis and Then I’ll Shut Up

Before I settled on the Asylum for my Mixology Monday drink, I was batting around the idea of posting this one. It’s actually a much tastier drink, and after I became enamored of the whole Seabrook story, I resolved I’d come back around to this one, just so I could post a really engaging pastisContinue Reading

Mixology Monday I: Pastis

I struggled a bit with the whole “pastis” idea. I enjoy the flavor of anise, and like the flavor in cocktails, but when looking for a pastis-containing drink that had an agreeable taste, and that had a decent story, I kept running into dead-ends. Then I came across the cannibals. William Seabrook was an old-schoolContinue Reading

St. Moritz

The Manhattan’s less-interesting cousin. I came across this drink while flipping through David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. Embury calls for a standard dry Manhattan with orange bitters and 2-3 dashes of Chartreuse, and explained that some recipes call for equal parts vermouth and Chartreuse. I split the difference, with not unpleasant results.Continue Reading

Bronx Terrace

I enjoyed a brief infatuation with this drink when I first became interested in the whole cocktail thing. Trying one now, I kind of remember why–it’s not a terribly complicated drink, flavorwise, but it’s not flat-out simple, either. Rather than using a sweetener to smooth out the tanginess of the lime, the Bronx Terrace usesContinue Reading

The Last Word

“This cocktail was introduced around here about thirty years ago by Frank Fogarty, who was very well known in vaudeville. He was called the ‘Dublin Minstrel,’ and was a very fine monologue artist.” So wrote Ted Saucier in 1951 when introducing this drink in Bottoms Up. Saucier credits the drink to the Detroit Athletic Club,Continue Reading