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El Presidente Revisited

It’s been a good week for cocktails in the media. Today I received by e-mail an invitation to visit a website I’ve never seen before. Nothing unusual there–beyond the typical enticements to check out the online poker, the performance enhancers and “Me and mY reD-Hott grrrlfrindxxx,” there’s the occasional note, typically worded in a quick… Continue Reading

Mixology Monday I: Pastis

I struggled a bit with the whole “pastis” idea. I enjoy the flavor of anise, and like the flavor in cocktails, but when looking for a pastis-containing drink that had an agreeable taste, and that had a decent story, I kept running into dead-ends. Then I came across the cannibals. William Seabrook was an old-school… Continue Reading

St. Moritz

The Manhattan’s less-interesting cousin. I came across this drink while flipping through David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. Embury calls for a standard dry Manhattan with orange bitters and 2-3 dashes of Chartreuse, and explained that some recipes call for equal parts vermouth and Chartreuse. I split the difference, with not unpleasant results.… Continue Reading

Bronx Terrace

I enjoyed a brief infatuation with this drink when I first became interested in the whole cocktail thing. Trying one now, I kind of remember why–it’s not a terribly complicated drink, flavorwise, but it’s not flat-out simple, either. Rather than using a sweetener to smooth out the tanginess of the lime, the Bronx Terrace uses… Continue Reading