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Swig Well: A Seattle Drinking Academy

Drinking is easy. Learning how to make a decent drink — well, that’s easy, too, but it requires a little more attention … attention, and resources, and most useful of all, some guidance from those who’ve ventured down the good-drinking path ahead of you. For resources, you’ve got stuff like this blog, and this magazine,… Continue Reading

Barback Pro-Am: the horror….

As I mentioned back in February, I recently had the poor judgement to agree to participate in an event put together by Small Screen Network, dubbed “Jim and Rocky’s Barback Pro-Am.” The idea behind the series was simple: Seattle bartender Jim Romdall and bartender/bon vivant Rocky Yeh would travel along the West Coast, recruiting bloggers,… Continue Reading

Barback Pro-Am on Monday; forecast is “pain”

Five years, almost six. That’s how long I’ve been writing about drinks, and bars, and hanging out in bars to write about drinks. Throughout this time, I’ve always been keenly aware that my position in the bar equation is firmly on the barstool side of the action. Except for a short stint when I was… Continue Reading

Imbibe turns five, and you get the present

This summer marks five years since Imbibe magazine made its debut, which also means it’s been five years that I’ve been writing for them. To celebrate this milestone, the folks at Imbibe are holding a cocktail contest, with the winning drink taking prime place on the cover of the May/June issue of the magazine. That… Continue Reading